Spiffy Whip (Spiff-E-Whip)

Spiff-E-Whip is a wonderful product to have in long term food storage. I had no whip topping for jello one night and I pulled this from my food storage certain that it would probably look good but taste yucky. I was wrong. This stuff whips up in about 5 minutes and tastes delicious. Of coarse make sure you use COLD water, otherwise it doesn’t set for a long time. I’m stocking up on this tasty powder for everyday use because it is so convenient. I used it in place of whip topping for pumpkin pie, on jello, and in a frosting recipe. It’s so much easier and healthier than wondering when the whip topping in the fridge is going to expire. This Spiffy Whip is a must have for food storage!

Two months later

Okay, so I was making spiffy whip again this week and I kept messing it up. Finally I realized there is a trick to making spiff-e-whip. You can not make it using a quickstir blender, or a regular blender, especially not a blendtec blender. Blendtec blenders get going so fast that the friction heats the product up, which will make the spiffy whip never set. Use a regular stand mixer or hand held mixer to whip this up and make sure you use cold water. Also if you are using this in jello as the center layer, it will float to the top. So don’t waist your time placing it in the middle of your jello.